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Gain a competitive edge in French-speaking markets, enhance your business and travel experience in French-speaking countries, improve communication with clients and colleagues, and foster team-building within your company by signing up for FIAF’s corporate classes.

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Joanna Drieux, FIAF’s Private and Corporate Lessons Manager, will contact you after reviewing your request and work with you to customize and schedule the classes. Joanna can be reached at 646-388-6615 or


The FIAF Advantage

Great Flexibility: Classes are tailored to meet your organization’s timeframe, goals and logistical needs. Courses are offered at FIAF or at your office, with a flexible (daytime and evening) schedule starting at any time during the year.

Competitive Pricing: Prices scaled to long-term programs, class size, and organizational needs—the more classes you commit to, the better the value.

Excellent Teachers: Experienced in teaching French in a corporate setting, our teachers are all native French speakers fully qualified to teach French as a second language.

Extra Perks: Corporate students receive a complimentary FIAF Individual Membership, gaining access to all FIAF's cultural and arts programs, special events, and the leading private French-language library in the U.S. Check out the Membership benefits.


FIAF’s Class Offerings

General French

FIAF’s curriculum covers extensive training for all levels, from beginner to expert. The recommended program consists of two to three hours per week. As your partner in language learning, FIAF is committed to regular assessment of students to make sure individual and company goals are achieved. Your company will receive regular progress updates.

Specialized Programs and Workshops

French Business Etiquette
French Diplomacy and International Relations
Legal French / Commercial Laws
French in French-speaking countries
French for Tourism: Travel Logistics
Paris: Traveler’s Guide
French for Fashion
Essentials of French Culture
Intercultural Training

Custom French Classes

FIAF can create custom classes tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business. We work with you to develop the best language learning experience for your team.

English Classes

To meet the needs of expatriate employees of French companies, FIAF has developed a program to improve verbal and written English skills quickly and effectively.


Our Rates

Prices are scaled to the size and duration of the course—the more classes you commit to, the better the value. We recommend 2–3 hours per week, with a minimum of 30 hours to start.

Type of Course One-on-One
Private Lessons
2-3 Students
4-12 Students
General French $2490 for 30 hours $3270 for 30 hours $4350 for 30 hours
Custom Classes Prices vary for custom classes


Meet a Few of Our Teachers

Thierry Bidault has taught French in the US for 17 years. He joined FIAF in 2005 and has tutored top executives at BNP, Goldman Sachs, and Cartier, among others. Thierry is from France and received his degree from Sciences Po.

Peggy Cambier-Weinstein has been with FIAF since 2004. She has extensive experience teaching in the business, international affairs, luxury, and media sectors. She is from Lille and trained as a translator and interpreter in Paris.

Yasmine Hassani has comprehensive experience teaching French to diverse audiences. Before joining FIAF in 2015, she worked as a French and ESL teacher for the French Ministry of National Education, a translator, and tutor for clients at top fashion companies.


Clients & Testimonials

Recent clients include: LVMH, Chanel, Hearst Magazine, Guttmacher Institute, Vivendi, L’Oréal, Natixis, Ipsos, World Economic Forum, AXA Equitable, Harry Winston, Doctors Without Borders, and United Water.

“Working in financial services mostly with French individuals and corporations, our management decided to give employees an opportunity to learn French. From my experience, speaking even a few words of French helps to break the ice during conference calls, in-person meetings and client dinners. Taking French lessons proved to be a fun team building activity and enlarged our corporate culture. The teachers are knowledgeable and fun.”
—Nataliya Massa, Groupe Natixis, Aug 2014

“I feel compelled to say a few words about the great operation at FIAF. A few years ago, the company I work for had allowed my boss, a native English speaker to take private French lessons.  My boss and I came upon FIAF and am happy to say we have been with them ever since. We cannot say enough how lucky we have been to find such a great group of professionals!”
—Patricia Kosak, Ipsos Americas, Aug 2014


Contact Info

To learn more about our programs and rates, please contact:

Joanna Drieux
Private & Corporate Programs Manager • 646 388 6615


Contact Info
Awantz St Fleur
Private Lessons Coordinator
646 388 6610

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