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Conversation & Grammar (Advanced B2)

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Perfect your grammar and practice your conversation skills all in one class!

This Advanced B2 level course focuses on the dynamics of everyday speech. By delving into media such as newspapers, magazines, movies, and more, you will enhance your vocabulary and ability to speak in diverse situations. Each class covers two specific grammar points and helps you improve your understanding and usage of those points in everyday conversations. Additional grammar points are added to class curriculum based on students' needs and requests.

The Conversation & Grammar Advanced B2 course consists of the six levels listed below. Start with the class that corresponds with your level of French and then continue on to the next level class.

Levels 1.1 and Level 1.2 are for students at Advanced level 401 or 402
Levels 2.1 and Level 2.2 are for students at Advanced level 403 or 404
Levels 3.1 and Level 3.2 are for students at Advanced level 405

Not sure which class is right for you? Take our free placement test and we will help you find the best option.

After this Course

After you complete the Conversation and Grammar Advanced B2 Level 3.2 class, you can take any French 501 Expert C1/C2 class, any Conversation & Grammar Expert C1/C2 Level 1.1 class, or any Advanced B2 level skill-strengthening/culture/literature class. Ask your teacher for advice if you have questions.



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