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You must have completed or be currently enrolled in any French 101-103 Beginner A1 or French 201-204 Advanced Beginner A2 class. New Students should take the placement test.


Struggling with pronunciation? Many students think that pronunciation is the hardest part of learning French—polish your pronunciation and get that perfect French accent with this special class.

Phonetics will help you improve your accent while also increasing your understanding of francophone accents. This class offers a mix of listening comprehension and phonetic exercises that help students at a Beginner Level A1 and Advanced Beginner Level A2 improve their pronunciation and acquire a more discerning ear.

The focus of this class is placed on the pronunciation of vowels and consonants, as well as on the aspects of rhythm and enunciation in French. You will focus on what differentiates nasal vowels from other vowels, the different ways of pronouncing the “r” and the “gn”, and how rhythm in French is linked to sentence structure rather than word choice, as it is in English. Each class focuses on the individual production of sounds as well as the basic principles of French intonation.

After this Course

Depending on your current level, continue with any general French 101-103 Beginner A1 class, 201-204 Advanced Beginner A2 class, or a 301 Intermediate B1 class.


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