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French Grammar & Vocabulary Workshops

Intermediate B1 level & above

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Practice and strengthen your French grammar skills and increase your vocabulary!

These workshops are in both French and English. Their goal is to help you improve your skills in French grammar and vocabulary. Together we will go over the most difficult parts of the French language. Participants can also ask questions.

Enhancing Grammar and Vocabulary: Difficulties in the French Language

Part 1 | Fri, Jan 25, from 5:30-7pm

  • 10 verbs using etre et avoir at the past tense for different meanings
  • The 6 most important French verbs with multiple meanings
  • When should you use « Il est » and « C’est » for « It is »
  • Agreement of the past participle in the past tense after « que »
  • Easy ways to conjugate the imperfect, the future and the conditional tenses
  • Vocabulary: 15 foes, words that seem alike in English and French but don’t mean the same
  • « To » and « From » + countries, US states, regions, cities, etc.
  • Q and A: Questions you never dared to ask about French Grammar

Part 2 | Fri, Mar 1, from 5:30-7pm

  • When should you use the subjunctive present and how to conjugate it
  • The direct and indirect object pronouns: how to use them and how to position them
  • The numerous uses of « En » and « Y »
  • Positioning adjectives and adverbs
  • The new French Parisian and its short cuts
  • The new way to use the negative form
  • The pronunciation of « Plus » that changes everything today
  • Ceci, Cela, Celui-ci, Celui-là, Ceux-ci, Celles-là
  • The commun expressions / Les expressions de la rue
  • Q and A: Questions you never dared to ask about French Grammar

Course Code: WKGRAM
Intermediate B1 level & above
Led by T.Bidault
$50 per workshop

Register at least two days ahead of the workshop.
Take any two or more FIAF workshops and save $5 per workshop.

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