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Native French-Speaking Kids & Teens
Ages 5–14

FIAF's classes for native French-speakers are especially designed for kids already immersed in French at home or at school.

In this program following the curriculum standards of the French Ministry of Education, kids focus on reading and writing in French as well as expanding vocabulary. All courses use Freinet’s method, an approach that begins with each child’s own interests and curiosity, making learning French fun and engaging.

Winter — Jan 7–Mar 25
Spring — Apr 1–Jun 17

Ages 5–6, 7–10, and 11–14
Weekdays or Saturdays • 11 weeks • Once a week, 90 minutes • $425

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Benjamins (ages 5–6)

Native French Speakers 1 • EBJ.BIL1

In this class, children will be introduced to reading and writing in French while growing their vocabulary by working with classmates on a group project. They will understand stories read by the teacher, be able to retell them in their own words, and share their thoughts on them. This class is designed for children who have not yet started to read in English.

Native French Speakers 2 • EBJ.BIL2

In this class, children will continue to develop their reading and writing in French. They will specifically learn how to use proper sentence structures, ask questions correctly, and clearly report events or simple information. This class is designed for children who have started reading in English.

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Minimes (ages 7–10)

Native French Speakers 1 • EMN.BIL1

In this class, the curriculum follows the main goals of the French first elementary class level (CE1). Kids will enrich their vocabulary and grammar skills, including conjugating basic verbs and understanding the different tenses. They will improve their speaking and writing skills by working on a short project (e.g. writing a story or inventing a game) and reading short French books.

Native French Speakers 2 • EMN.BIL2

At this level, the teacher will follow the French second elementary class (CE2) objectives and spend more time dedicated to studying French literature. Kids will improve their ability to express themselves fluently while working on a longer project (e.g. writing a magazine article or inventing a play) to improve both spoken and written French. Conjugation and usage of basic and irregular verbs in the present tense and some in the past tense will be covered. 

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Cadets (ages 11–14)

Native French Speakers 1 • ECD.BIL1

At this level, teens will work to accomplish the first French intermediate primary class (CM1) goals. Over the course of the class, they will improve their ability to express themselves fluently while developing a personal project (e.g. writing a song or a recipe) that encourages both spoken and written French skills. All students will be capable of constructing both negative and interrogative sentences correctly.

Native French Speakers 2 • ECD.BIL2

This level focuses on the goals of the second French intermediate primary class (CM2). Teens will begin to voice their opinions in French and learn to debate. The curriciulum encourages a command of abstract words and expressions (emotions, feelings, rights and duties) and an ability to articulate more complex and nuanced thoughts. Teens will also improve their grammar through a creative project (e.g. writing a comic or producing a movie) to encourage their spoken and written French.

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