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French for Cadet (ages 11–14)

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Winter — Jan 7–Mar 25
Spring — Apr 1–Jun 17

Weekdays or Saturdays
11 weeks • Once a week • 90 minutes • $425 • 12 students max

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Start your child in a new language or boost their scholastic performance in French with FIAF’s Cadets!

Our multidisciplinary approach encourages interactions in French with role playing everyday tasks to awaken young teens’ interest and imaginations. FIAF’s Cadets focus on developing oral communication, including both listening comprehension and speaking skills. Teens will additionally build a solid foundation in reading and writing in French at a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level while learning strategies to become a more independent foreign language learner. The Cadets curriculum integrates preparation for the DELF JUNIOR exams.

Our curriculum consists of twelve consecutive tiers from beginner to advanced levels: 101, 102, 103, 104, 201, 202, 203, 204, 301, 302, 303, 304. Each level can be covered over one 11-week session (fall, winter, spring), or one 2-week intensive session (summer).

Beginner: 101–104
Upon completion of levels 101 to 104, students will know salutations and introductions, describe a person and members of their families and express their tastes. They will be proficient in discussing their immediate environment, having a conversation about sports, and making vacation plans. Children will learn how to have a conversation on the phone, In grammar, teens will learn the verbs “être” (to be), “avoir” (to have), “aller” (to go) and “faire” (to do) and all verbs ending in “er”. Negative sentences and simple question structures will be studied. The future tense and the imperative form will also be covered.

Intermediate: 201–204
Upon completion of levels 201 to 204, children will know how to express their needs and feelings, describe their schedule and the personality traits of a person. They will be able to present an overview of their home, make a purchase and talk about their eating habits. In grammar, they will study irregular verbs and their usage. The past and future tenses will be studied and the conditional tense will be introduced.

Advanced: 301–304
Upon completion of levels 301 to 304, young teens will have learnt how to express their opinions in numerous contexts such music, movies, food and sports. They will also express more complex feelings, describe personal goals and desires. In grammar, the program will cover the “imparfait”, “passé composé” (past tenses) and “conditionel” tenses along with the imperative form and their usage.

Native French Speakers

At the Native French Speakers 1 ( ECD.BIL1) level, teens will work to accomplish the first French intermediate primary class (CM1) goals. Over the course of the class, they will improve their ability to express themselves fluently while developing a personal project (e.g. writing a song or a recipe) that encourages both spoken and written French skills. All students will be capable of constructing both negative and interrogative sentences correctly.

At Native French Speakers 2 (ECD.BIL2) level, the focuse is on the goals of the second French intermediate primary class (CM2). Teens will begin to voice their opinions in French and learn to debate. The curriciulum encourages a command of abstract words and expressions (emotions, feelings, rights and duties) and an ability to articulate more complex and nuanced thoughts. Teens will also improve their grammar through a creative project (e.g. writing a comic or producing a movie) to encourage their spoken and written French.


What class to choose?

Complete beginners (students who have never learnt French before) can enroll directly in ECD 101 and then continue to the next levels.

Children who are new to FIAF but have previous exposure to the French language will be placed in the right level by one of our experienced French teachers after taking a free, quick and easy placement test.


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