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French for Minimes (ages 7–10)

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Winter — Jan 7–Mar 25
Spring — Apr 1–Jun 17

Weekdays or Saturdays
11 weeks • Once a week • 90 minutes • $425 • 12 students max

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Make your child’s introduction to French an unforgettable experience! FIAF’s Minimes (EMN) program sends your child on a journey in French with Felix, Lila and their friends from Zig Zag, Méthode de français.

Our dynamic approach promotes attention and reflection among young students through group and individual activities. Children sing songs, participate in educational games and interact in French from day one. Music, photos and fun readings help children reinforce vocabulary and language structures previously studied.

Our curriculum consists of twelve consecutive tiers from beginner to advanced levels: 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, 203, 204, 301, 302, 303, 304. Each level can be covered over one 11-week session (fall, winter, spring).

Beginner: 101–103
Upon completion of levels 101 to 103, children will be able to introduce and talk about themselves and their families, express their likes and dislikes as well as emotions. They will understand and use common classroom instructions. Children will study vocabulary related to food, sports, school’s supplies and subjects, and body parts.

Intermediate: 201–204
Upon completion of levels 201 to 204, students will be capable of expressing feelings and wishes and describing their daily activities. They will know how to describe someone physically in detail, as well as ask and give directions and addresses. Children will acquire the vocabulary and expressions relating to their house and meals.

Advanced: 301–304
Upon completion of levels 301 to 304, children will easily understand instructions and will know how to describe the personality traits of another person. Students will understand and give information about countries, order in a restaurant, and describe past events. At the end of this level, children will also understand information from an audio guide, a radio interview, and small written documentaries.

Native French Speakers

For Native French Speakers 1 (EMN.BIL1), the curriculum follows the main goals of the French first elementary class level (CE1). Kids will enrich their vocabulary and grammar skills, including conjugating basic verbs and understanding the different tenses. They will improve their speaking and writing skills by working on a short project (e.g. writing a story or inventing a game) and reading short French books.

For Native French Speakers 2 (EMN.BIL2), the teacher will follow the French second elementary class (CE2) objectives and spend more time dedicated to studying French literature. Kids will improve their ability to express themselves fluently while working on a longer project (e.g. writing a magazine article or inventing a play) to improve both spoken and written French. Conjugation and usage of basic and irregular verbs in the present tense and some in the past tense will be covered.


What class to choose?

Complete beginners (students who have never learnt French before) can enroll directly in EMN 101 and will then continue to the next levels.

Children who are new to FIAF but have previous exposure to the French language will be placed in the right level by one of our experienced French teachers after taking a free, quick and easy placement test here.


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