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Fabienne Louis: Uncertainty

Dec 2, 2016–Feb 15, 2017

View the exhibition Uncertainty from abstract contemporary artist Fabienne Louis at FIAF Montclair.

Uncertainty is the first part of a larger project inspired by the stories of people the artist has met during her travels. Some of them faced challenges such as sickness, poverty, abuse, discrimination, migration and loss of family. In times of Uncertainty, nature remains a refuge of beauty and shows us endless opportunities. Nature is an infinite source of inspiration that allows us to step back, put life into perspective and find answers.

About the Artist

A native of France, Fabienne Louis has traveled internationally. She studied fine art and interior design in Paris before moving to the New York area. While working in the interior design industry, she continued her training at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Art Student League, where she discovered techniques that enable her to move from realistic to abstract forms. In 2014, she finally turned her passion for painting into a profession.

Fabienne Louis is inspired by the solace of nature, a lens through which she reflects upon the confusion and injustices of modern life. Painting abstract forms of nature is her personal way of overcoming life’s challenges. Her work in acrylic and mixed media, with their vibrant and studied color combinations, presents an invitation for the viewer to contemplate their own life and perspective. She plays with the intensity of color to emphasize the power of nature.


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