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Mar 17–Apr 28, 2017

March is le mois de la francophonie and FIAF Montclair is thrilled to present a special exhibition of work from five local Montclair artists with Francophone roots!

Featuring Emmanuel Brasseur (Quebec), Serges Demefack (Cameroon), Peterson Dessalines (Haiti), Papa Gora Tall (Senegal), and Fabienne Louis (France).

FIAF Montclair
7 North Willow Street, Suite 7, Montclair, NJ 07042


Meet the Artists

Emmanuel Brasseur
Emmanuel Brasseur is a French Canadian multidisciplinary artist. As a graduate in visual arts, he has devoted himself to visual art in all of its forms. This includes painting, drawings, collage, photography, and occasionally digital photography. His art is most connected to the Neo-Pop movement. He questions the way our culture influences our choices, actions or trips. The history of art is also very present in his work. Emmanuel has always been writing songs in French. He writes the texts, composes music and plays the instruments. The series collage-painting proposed in this exhibition refers to the words used in his texts. A QR code will allow listening to the song by watching the plastic work. A kind of complementarity between the auditory and the visual.

Serges Demefack
Serges Demefack's artistic work is a mix of techniques and concepts that draw their inspiration from the magico-religious conception of space in the Bamiléké grassfield area of the West Region of Cameroon in Central Africa. His recent series titled NOVA explores the cosmos characterized in his work by "controlled" and concentric explosions of "energy hues." Each work is a type a micro forest, the reimagination of the African sacred forest seen from space. For Demefack, his nova "explosions" are a flow of powerful energies that surround us all that at times gives the impression of being tamed. It is omnipresent, strong, yet elusive.
Serges Demefack was born in Cameroon and lives in Montclair, New Jersey. He is a lawyer specializing in advocacy on migration policy. His work has been exhibited in Europe, Africa and the United States

Peterson Dessalines
Born in Haiti in 1974, Peterson is a self-taught artist. He was informally introduced to the world of art by the street artists who populate his country, and later inspired by his School Director, Mr. Frank Etienne, one of the most prominent figures of Haitian artists. He practices what he calls the non-intervention. With the stylus at the end, he just let the flow of his imagination and the free movement of his hand speak. The result is a non- representational and impressionistic language that communicates the idea that we are all bearing art inside of us in one way or another. We might simply want to set it free and let it happen. Peterson uses mixed-media as media, traditional and digital (NTIC).

Papa Gora Tall
Papa Gora Tall is an artist painter from Senegal. His work is about creating balance, spirituality, and elevation from the earth, water and air. He likes to be connected to nature and hope that his work can bring happiness to those who view it. He is inspired to make love eternal between human beings

Fabienne Louis
A native of France, Fabienne has traveled internationally. She studied fine art and interior design in Paris before moving to the New York area. While working in the interior design industry, she continued her training at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Art Student League, where she discovered techniques that enable her to move from realistic to abstract forms. In 2014, she finally turned her passion for painting into a profession. Fabienne Louis is inspired by the solace of nature, a lens through which she reflects upon the confusion and injustices of modern life. Painting abstract forms of nature is her personal way of overcoming life’s challenges. Her work in acrylic and mixed media, with their vibrant and studied color combinations, presents an invitation for the viewer to contemplate their own life and perspective.


FIAF Montclair
7 North Willow Street,
Suite 7
Montclair, NJ 07042

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