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About the Show
Based upon real accounts of former spies and inspired by contemporary events, The Bureau is a smart and stylish spy saga centered on France’s “Bureau of Legends,” a government agency overseeing the training and deployment of deep-cover agents predominately on missions in North Africa and the Middle East. Now entering its fifth season, the acclaimed drama finds the Bureau in flux. Intelligence officer Guillaume Debailly, (Mathieu Kassovitz) codenamed “Malotru,” has gone missing. Meanwhile a new director takes over and paranoia mounts as a new agent, Mille Sabords (Louis Garrel), starts a precarious new investigation into the Saudi secret services. Breathlessly jumping from the Sinai, Phnom Penh, Moscow, Cairo, to Boulevard Mortier in Paris, The Bureau deftly examines the “human impact of deception” (The New York Times).

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