French A1.3 – Beginner A1 Level 3

Beginner A1

This class was formerly called French 103

Textbook: Cosmopolite 1 Textbook, workbook, CD. Units 5, 6

Speak French from day one and build a solid foundation in the French language! The authentic resources and real world tasks used in this course will introduce you to the structure of an everyday French. You’ll learn to understand and use familiar expressions and very basic phrases in order to interact with others at the beginner’s level.

With engaging multimedia activities, texts, and course books, you will learn to express emotions, characterize places and cities, and to talk about personal experiences. Culturally you will explore various Francophone countries. At the end of this class, you will be able to participate in basic conversations about the above themes as they pertain to your own life.

The Beginner A1 level consists of 3 classes: A1.1, A1.2, and A1.3. Level A1.3 is the highest level of this tier. After this class you will move on to the Advanced Beginner A2 level.