French Online Classes for Juniors (Grades 9–12)

Location: Online on Zoom
Level: French as a Second Language, French for Native Speakers
Fall Sep 20–Dec 11 • Winter Jan 10–Mar 28 • Spring Apr 4–Jun 20

Grades 9–12 / Ages 15–17
11 weeks, once per week, 90 mins, $449 / 3 hrs, $659

Start your child in a new language or boost their scholastic performance in French with FIAF’s Juniors!

Conversational and interactive lessons on Zoom, with a structured curriculum base on the book Génération, that will help teens improve and practice their French.

Our multidisciplinary approach promotes interactions in French through role playing everyday tasks to awaken teens’ interest and imaginations. FIAF’s Juniors focus on developing oral communication, including both listening comprehension and speaking skills. Your child will additionally build a solid foundation in reading and writing in French at a beginner and intermediate level and learn strategies to become a more independent foreign language learner. The Juniors curriculum integrates preparation for the DELF JUNIOR exams.

Our curriculum consists of twelve consecutive tiers from Beginner to Intermediate levels: 101, 102, 103, 104, 201, 202, 203, 204, 301,302, 303, 304.

  • Juniors Beginner: 101–104

    Upon completion of levels 101 to 104, teens will know how to greet someone, introduce themselves and others, describe a person, and express emotions. They will be able to talk proficiently about where they live, their family, their style, talk about their leisure and about food. Students will also learn how to order in a restaurant and talk over the phone. In grammar, frequently used verbs and irregular verbs will be covered. The present tense, the future tense, and the “passé composé” will be introduced along with reflexive verbs and their usage.

  • Juniors Advanced Beginner: 201–204

    Upon completion of levels 201 to 204, teens will be able to talk about someone’s physical traits and character, describe their interests, travel and environment. Vocabulary relating to tourism, hobbies, health, transportation, nature, and city life will be studied. The “passé composé”, future, recent past, and continuous present tenses will be covered. The difference between “imparfait” and “passé composé” past tenses will be learned.

  • Juniors Intermediate: 301–304

    Upon completion of levels 301 to 304, teens will be able to talk about the media, the environment, the world of work, and the arts. In grammar, the present and past conditional tense, as well as the “plus-que-parfait” will be taught, in addition to the imperative and gerundive. Teens will be able to give a critique, express a wish or a possibility, talk about positive and negative emotions and explain projects.

This class is HyFlex
Hyflex gives you the flexibility to learn in person or online. In-person students can switch to attending class online at any time by requesting virtual access from their teacher. Watch the video.