French Online Classes for Benjamins (Grade K–1)

Format: Online
Level: French as a Second Language, French for Native Speakers
Summer: Jun 26–Sep 3

Grade K–1 / Ages 5–6
5 weeks, Jun 26-Jul 30* / Jul 31-Sep 3, Twice per week, 90 mins, $409
10 weeks, Jun 26-Sep 3*, Once per week, 90 mins, $409

FIAF’s Benjamins classes for ages 5-6 introduce kids to French language through hands-on, age appropriate activities including stories, creative projects, songs and educational games.

Online, your child will have conversational and interactive 45-minute lessons on Zoom, paired with an additional 45 minutes of guided exercises on Google Classroom. The fun curriculum will be structured to help your child improve their French quickly and effectively.

Our curriculum based on colorful and imaginative storybooks is taught in French by experienced native French-speaking teachers. Our multi-sensory approach promotes a gentle immersion experience that allow your child to seamlessly become familiar with French.

  • Benjamins Level 1

    Benjamins Level 1 is for children with no previous exposure to French language.

    Through a variety of themes, kids will learn to understand and use simple instructions, basic phrases, and vocabulary. Students are encouraged to interact in French during the class through numerous activities including stories, mini-projects, songs and educational games.

  • Benjamins Level 2

    Benjamins Level 2 is for children with a minimum of one semester of French in the last school year.

    In this class, kids begin to discover written French while improving their comprehension and vocabulary. They will also start to develop an ability to speak French in everyday life.

    Fun and educational activities paired with storybook readings will increase your child’s French spoken expression.

  • Benjamins Native French Speakers - Level 1

    In Benjamin Native French Speakers Level 1, class is structured around two French picture books to help introduce children to reading and writing in French while also growing their vocabulary. They will understand stories read by the teacher, be able to retell them in their own words, and share their thoughts on them. This class is designed for children who have not yet started to read in French and English.

  • Benjamins Native French Speakers - Level 2

    In Benjamin Native French Speakers Level 2, class is structured around two French picture books to help children continue to develop their reading and writing skills in French. They will specifically learn how to use proper sentence structures, ask questions correctly, and clearly report events or simple information. This class is designed for children who have started reading in French.