Culture & Civilization – Intermediate B1

Format: Online
Type: Culture & Literature
Level: Intermediate B1
11 weeks: Sep 21–Dec 12

Dive deeper into French culture and way of life in classes at the Intermediate B1 level inspired by different themes and topics.

Culture shapes the way language is structured and the ways in which language is used. Expand your linguistic skills while exploring themes as diverse as pop culture, history, society, politics, philosophy, everyday life, and more. Using a variety of media—novels, films, documentaries, news articles, and more—you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into each topic.

This course is designed for the culture addict who would like to learn more about French and other Francophone cultures, as well as become more independent in speaking in French about more complex and challenging topics.

  • B1.CIV.D01(I) (Level B1/B2) - Mon 11am-1pm - 5 weeks - S.Pézier

    Les Secrets de l’Architecture française dans Midtown, Manhattan

    Level: Intermediate B1 / Advanced B2
    Instructor: S.Pézier

    In this class, we will explore the multiple influences of French architects and architecture on Midtown, Manhattan. This course will be an introduction to the work of French architects in New York, from the impact of the Beaux Arts movement to modern skyscrapers.

    You will learn about France’s contributions to New York history through various sites and monuments such as Grand Central Terminal, the 53W53 tower, the former Librairie de France, the United Nations, and many more!

    No need to be an architect or an urbanist! This class is for you if you are a curious wanderer of Manhattan’s streets and want to learn more about hidden French design in New York. Through the beauty of Manhattan’s architecture, you’ll be able to take your conversation skills to the next level.