SPEEDLINGUA™ Online Learning

Start Anytime!

Improve your French accent and practice your listening comprehension with Speedlingua, a web-based easy-to-use learning method—all from the comfort of your home or office!

Speedlingua will:
· Sharpen your pronunciation and delivery
· Improve your oral comprehension
· Develop your listening memory
· Enable you to communicate with confidence

Contact us at languagecenter@fiaf.org to sign up!


  • Option 1: FIAF Class + Speedlingua™

    Get more French speaking and comprehension practice outside of the classroom!

    This Speedlingua option is customized to accompany a FIAF 11-week (33 or 16.5 hours), 10-week (30 or 15 hours), or 5-week (30 or 15 hours) General French class at the Beginner A1, Advanced Beginner A2, or Intermediate B1 levels.

    Program includes:

    • A quick online diagnostic test to assess your current trouble spots
    • Approximately 15 hours of online training with phonetics and listening comprehension activities (10 objectives) that follow your current FIAF class curriculum. Unlimited 3-month long access!

    Pricing available upon request at languagecenter@fiaf.org

    Registration Info

    • When you register online for a FIAF General French class, you will be able to select the Speedlingua program as an “add-on” option. If you register in person or over the phone, just ask for the Speedlingua program to be added to your enrollment.
    • If you have already registered for an upcoming FIAF class, and wish to add the Speedlingua program to that class, please contact languagecenter@fiaf.org.

    No refunds except if FIAF cancels the related general French class the student is registered in. Read additional policies here.

  • Option 2: Private Speedlingua™

    Take a program customized to your needs that will help you quickly build your pronunciation and listening skills while receiving feedback and additional recommendations from FIAF teachers.

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    This program is available to anyone, whether or not they are currently enrolled in a FIAF class.

    Program includes:

    • A quick online diagnostic test to assess your current trouble spots
    • Approximately 15 hours of customized activities to address your specific needs with pronunciation and listening comprehension. Unlimited 3-month long access!
    • Three (3) 1-hour one-on-one sessions with one of FIAF’s highly trained teachers
      who will assess your progress and give you personalized recommendations.

    For more info, pricing details, and to sign up, please contact languagecenter@fiaf.org.

  • Technical Requirements

    Windows: Windows 7 or newer
    Mac OS: OS X 10.7 or higher (processor Intel only)
    A USB stereo headset (preferred) with a microphone (mandatory)
    Web browser (Firefox or Chrome)