French C1.1 – Expert C1/C2 Level 1

Format: Online
Type: General French
Level: Expert C1 C2
11 weeks: Apr 5–Jun 21

Book: Alter Ego 5
Units: 1, 2

Master the language and express yourself spontaneously with native speakers.

Master the French language in our classes for expert speakers. At this level, you will fine-tune challenging vocabulary, analyze advanced texts, and practice articulating in-depth thoughts.

In this class, you will learn how to make intercultural comparisons, analyze a provocative article, and analyze classic theater. Culturally, you will explore new technologies, family, education, and life expectancy.

Expert C1/C2 level consists of 5 sub-levels: Level C1.1, Level C1.2, Level C1.3, Level C1.4, and Level C1.5.
Level C1.1 is the first sub-level of the Beginner A1 level.