French C1.1 – Expert C1/C2 Level 1

Expert C1 C2

Spring classes will start live on Zoom the week of Monday, April 6.

Our online classes are interactive and conversational — watch a class video!

90-minute / 2-hour classes: You meet on Zoom for the full duration of the class.

3-hour classes: The first 90 minutes of class will be live on Zoom. You will then receive 90 minutes of independent and mandatory work to be completed at your convenience before your next class. The offline activities are a full part of your weekly class. You will be able to connect with your teacher at anytime via an online platform if you have any questions.

We will switch to in-person lessons at FIAF as soon as we are able to reopen.

This class was formerly called French 501

Textbook: Alter Ego 5, Dossiers 1, 2

Master the language and express yourself spontaneously with native speakers.

Master the French language in our classes for expert speakers. At this level, you will fine-tune challenging vocabulary, analyze advanced texts, and practice articulating in-depth thoughts.

In this class, you will learn how to make intercultural comparisons, analyze a provocative article, and analyze classic theater. Culturally, you will explore new technologies, family, education, and life expectancy.