French with RFI (Radio France Internationale) – Advanced B2

Advanced B2

Spring classes will start live on Zoom the week of Monday, April 6.

Our online classes are interactive and conversational — watch a class video!

90-minute / 2-hour classes: You meet on Zoom for the full duration of the class.

3-hour classes: The first 90 minutes of class will be live on Zoom. You will then receive 90 minutes of independent and mandatory work to be completed at your convenience before your next class. The offline activities are a full part of your weekly class. You will be able to connect with your teacher at anytime via an online platform if you have any questions.

We will switch to in-person lessons at FIAF as soon as we are able to reopen.

Newscasts, talk shows, news stories from the world-renowned Radio France Internationale (RFI) will widen your vocabulary on various topics such as history, geopolitics, science, health, culture, etc. It will also help you understand the latest information, news and events in France, Europe and around the world and will help you improve your French as spoken by natives from different Francophone regions. Broadcasted in Paris and all over the world with more than 40.5 million listeners (census of 2014), RFI is one of the most listened to international radio stations in the world.

In this course, you will :

  • Improve your listening comprehension;
  • Learn to recognize and distinguish the various accents and speaking patterns of the various French-speaking countries;
  • Broaden your vocabulary;
  • Develop your speaking skills through conversations on the programs heard;

Discover the various aspects of the French-speaking cultures.