Grammar – Intermediate B1

Location: Online on Zoom
Type: Skill-Strengthening
Level: Intermediate B1
10 weeks Jun 22–Aug 30

French Grammar for English Speakers

In this course, we will work on the elements of French grammar that are most problematic for English speakers and explain them with clarity and precision.

This course is particularly intended for you if:

  • despite an advanced intermediate level in French, you still have grammar points you struggle with, even after several years of study
  • English interferes with your understanding of certain grammatical concepts of the French language
  • fundamentals of French grammar (subjunctive, relative pronouns, hypothesis, etc.) remain complicated

By the end of this class, you will feel more confident with even the trickiest grammatical structures.

Note About Class Formats: All classes for adults are held entirely online on Zoom or entirely in person at FIAF. Groups are not combined, that is, no HyFlex classes.