Literature – Intermediate B1

Intermediate B1

Spring classes will start live on Zoom the week of Monday, April 6.

Our online classes are interactive and conversational — watch a class video!

90-minute / 2-hour classes: You meet on Zoom for the full duration of the class.

3-hour classes: The first 90 minutes of class will be live on Zoom. You will then receive 90 minutes of independent and mandatory work to be completed at your convenience before your next class. The offline activities are a full part of your weekly class. You will be able to connect with your teacher at anytime via an online platform if you have any questions.

We will switch to in-person lessons at FIAF as soon as we are able to reopen.

Read classic and contemporary writing in French! Books and themes change each session—view below.

Literature makes a major contribution to a nation’s cultural heritage and exposure to authentic written texts is one of the many ways foreign language learners can improve their language proficiency. In this course, discover French and Francophone literature through the analysis and discussion of major literary works, either focusing on one text or on a specific theme woven through a variety of texts. This course is designed for literature lovers who would like to learn about the history of literature, of French expression, and to become more independent in reading challenging texts in their original French language.

  • B1.LIT.L01 - Apr 6–Jun 15 - Mon 5:45-7:15pm

    Le roman fait son cinéma
    (The pleasures of novel-to-films-adaptations)

    Level: Intermediate B1 / Advanced B2
    Teacher: Olivier Garrel

    In this course, we will approach our favorite French novels as a combination of words, images and sounds. You will be reading and discussing passages of popular French novels, watching extracts of exciting film adaptations, making literature rhyme with pleasure!

    This course is for you if you love the written word as much as the spoken one, if you want to explore various artistic devices with all your senses, if you are a film buff who likes a good read!

    By the end of this class, you will have learned how to appreciate a French literary text on a different level. Interactively, you will be able to discuss, not only the film, but also your own private reading of the adapted text.

    Here are some examples of novels that will be studied in class:

    Ensemble, c’est tout – Anna Gavalda
    La promesse de l’aube – Romain Gary
    Odette Toulemonde – Éric Emmanuel Schmitt
    Entre les murs – François Begaudeau

  • B1.LIT.L02 - Apr 7–Jun 16 - Tue 2-3:30pm

    Le roman de la tristesse – Bonjour tristesse de Françoise Sagan

    Level: Intermediate B1 / Advanced B2
    Teacher: Loïc Thommeret

    In this course, you will greatly expand your French vocabulary by reading Bonjour tristesse, a novel that created an overnight sensation upon it release. First published when the author was only eighteen years old, this world famous novel reads like a Bildungsroman about an early adult rebellion against the moral strictures of her time, and against conformism generally. An alienated character for whom the old moral values and restrictions are no longer valid, the protagonist is alienated from the conventional world she is expected to accept and to be a part of.

    This course is especially for you if you like to read and you have reached a level in French where you can start reading literary texts.

    By the end of this course, you will have expanded your French vocabulary and developed your ability to read, understand and analyze French literature.