Summer Fun in French Camps for Toddlers:
Les Petits Champions

Location: In Person at FIAF Manhattan
Level: All Levels
Summer: Jun 17–Aug 9

1-week Camps
Half-day: Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm, $429 per week
Full-day: Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm, $799 per week

After-Camp Childcare
Childcare is available for day camps for toddlers and kids for an additional fee
4pm-5:30pm: $30 per day / $125 per week

Welcome to the Summer Games at FIAF!

This summer, your toddlers will learn, laugh and have fun in French with the Summer Games. Each week’s camp will focus on a city that has hosted the Games, with lessons themed around the geography and the culture of the hosting country, a type of game, and other related aspects of the Games. From the creation of the Olympics in Athens to the future Games in Los Angeles, children will make stops in Greece, Mexico, Australia, China, Brazil, Japan, France and the United States. They will learn about the symbols, values and mascots of each host city, a vast range of vocabulary related not only to sports, but also to food, numbers, shapes and colors, animals, architecture, music, clothing, and more. Best of all, they will learn how to work together and collaborate just like the champion teams will do in Paris this summer! See you at the Games!

  • The Half-day (9am-12pm): The Half-day gives parents and toddlers an excellent opportunity to get a taste of FIAF’s à petits pas program offered during the school year. Please provide your child with 1 nut-free snack if they are attending the Half-day camp.
  • The Full-day (9am-4pm): In the Full-day camp, your child will be able to enjoy the full FIAF French experience, including daily afternoon walks to observe Central Park’s flora and fauna. For children attending the Full-day camp, please provide 2 nut-free snacks and a cold lunch, as well as a blanket and doudou (comfort item such as a stuffed animal) for nap time.

Prerequisites: Camps are open to all levels of French including native French-speaking toddlers. Children must be at least 3 years old at the start of camp. They should be toilet-trained and accustomed to separation.

Discover every event! Sign up for all eight weeks for maximum fun and learning.

  • Typical Day

    9-9:30am: Drop-off and free play
    9:30-10am: Daily routine and movements
    10-10:15am: Greetings and circle time
    10:15-10:45am: Individual themed project
    10:45-11am: Clean-up and free play
    11-11:30am: Games and movements
    11:30am-12pm: Collaborative themed project and story time (end of half-day)
    12-1pm: Lunch-time
    1-1:30pm: Quiet-time
    1:30-2:15pm: Playground or Walk in the Park (weather permitting)
    2:15-3:30pm: Individual themed projects and tour guide completion
    3:30-3:45pm: Games and exercises to review the vocab of the day
    3:45-4pm: Clean-up, story time, goodbyes and dismissal (end of full-day)

  • Week 1: June 17-21* — ​​The Little Owls Discover Athens

    During this week, we will take your toddlers back in time to the creation of the Olympics in Athens in 1896. They will discover modern and ancient Greece, the gods of Olympus, and the art of mosaics. Kids will enjoy making sculptures, creating their own mosaics, making tzatziki, and cooking mosaiko. There will be a particular focus on water sports, with fun water games to play.

    *No class/camp on Wednesday, June 19 (Juneteenth)

  • Week 2: June 24-28 — The Little Axolotls Win In Mexico City

    During this week, your toddlers will travel to Mexico City. They will discover the heritage of the Aztec people and culture, famous landmarks and the art of jewelry. As part of their “voyage,” they will make a traditional Aztec mask and create their own bijou, as well as cook tacos and make a Mayan chocolate dessert. The games this week will focus on ball games, such as soccer and basketball.

  • Week 3: July 1-5* — The Little Kangaroos ​​Jump In Sydney

    During this week, your toddlers will travel to Sydney. They will discover the wilderness and the art of the Aboriginal people. While in Sydney, they will make a boomerang, learn how to paint like the Aboriginal people, and bake Fairy Bread and Anzac biscuits. This week’s games will focus on track & field and jumping, so get ready to run and jump!

    *No class/camp on Thursday, July 4 (Independence Day)

  • Week 4: July 8-12 — The Little Pandas Play In Pekin

    During this week, your toddlers will travel to Pekin. While on this voyage, they will discover the lunar calendar and the art of calligraphy, as well as make a dragon craft and create a paper fan. In the kitchen, they will make Cantonese rice and egg tarts. The games this week will focus on skill games, such as fencing and archery, as well as racket sports, such as badminton and table tennis. Fun target and racket games await!

  • Week 5: July 15-19 — The Little Capybaras Celebrate In Rio

    During this week, your toddlers will travel to Rio, where they will discover the diverse and festive atmosphere of Brazil. They will make friendship bracelets and create a traditional carnaval hat, and will cook feijoada and quindim. This week will have a big focus on teams, learning about team sports such as volleyball, baseball or handball, and playing team games.

  • Week 6: July 22-26 — The Little Kitsunes Fight In Tokyo

    During this week, your toddlers will travel to Tokyo, where they will discover the art of manga and the Japanese tea culture. They will create origami and draw their koinobori, as well as make sushi and mochi. There will be a particular focus on combat sports such as judo or karate, and they will learn some fun martial art techniques!

  • Week 7: July 29-August 2 — The Little Snails Light The Flame In Paris

    During this week, your toddlers will travel to Paris–the location of this year’s Summer Games! They will learn about the ville lumière and the French art-de-vivre. They will create stained glass crafts, participate in an Eiffel Tower building contest, and make croque-monsieur and crêpes. There will be a particular focus on wheeled sports, such as bicycling, and they will test their balance through fun activities!

  • Week 8: August 5-9 — The Little Cubs Take Over L.A.

    During this week, your toddlers will travel to Los Angeles. They will discover the magic of Hollywood and the beautiful California landscapes. Their activities will include creating a bear mascot and building the Olympic flame, as well as making sandwiches and ice cream. This week’s activities will be all about movement, from gymnastics to rhythmic gymnastics, and they will learn some fun gymnastic moves and yoga poses!