Summer Fun in French Camps for Toddlers:
Go on the Tour de France!

Location: In Person at FIAF Manhattan
Level: All Levels
Summer: Jun 20–Aug 12

1-week Camps
Half-day: Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm, $419 per week
Full-day: Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm, $789 per week

Toddlers will laugh, play, explore, and stay active all summer long during week-long day camps. Each week includes language lessons plus a variety of activities including cooking, art, music, yoga, and more, along the theme: the Tour de France. Your children will discover the regions along this summer’s Tour de France while the cyclists attempt to win medals in the very same regions!

  • The Half-day (9am-12pm): The Half-day gives parents and toddlers an excellent opportunity to get a taste of FIAF’s à petits pas program offered during the school year. Please provide your child with 1 nut-free snack if they are attending the Half-day camp.
  • The Full-day (9am-4pm): In the Full-day camp, your child will be able to enjoy the full FIAF French experience, including daily afternoon walks to observe Central Park’s flora and fauna. For children attending the Full-day camp, please provide 2 nut-free snacks and a cold lunch, as well as a blanket and doudou (comfort item such as a stuffed animal) for nap time.

Prerequisites: Camps are open to all levels of French including native French-speaking toddlers. Children must be at least 3 years old at the start of camp. They should be toilet-trained and accustomed to separation.

Complete the full Tour de France! Sign up for all eight weeks for maximum fun and learning.

  • Typical Day

    9-9:30am: Drop-off and free play
    9:30-10am: Daily routine and movements
    10-10:15am: Greetings and circle time
    10:15-10:45am: Individual themed project
    10:45-11am: Clean-up and free play
    11-11:30am: Games and movements
    11:30am-12pm: Collaborative themed project and story time (end of half-day)
    12-1pm: Lunch-time
    1-1:30pm: Quiet-time
    1:30-2:15pm: Playground or Walk in the Park (weather permitting)
    2:15-3:30pm: Individual themed projects and tour guide completion
    3:30-3:45pm: Games and exercises to review the vocab of the day
    3:45-4pm: Clean-up, story time, goodbyes and dismissal (end of full-day)

  • Étape 1: June 20-24 — Discover Europe!

    Discover Europe!

    Did you know that Le Tour is starting in Copenhagen, Denmark this year? Europe has a long tradition with biking, are you ready to discover it?

    Day 1 – Behind the bike : what does it take for a bike to move? [sciences]
    Day 2 – Animals and landscapes of Denmark [geography]
    Day 3 – Trolls, “the Little Mermaid” and other fantastic creatures [culture/literature]
    Day 4 – Ready to show your Viking side ? [history]
    Day 5 – Miam, le Drommekage ! [cuisine]

  • Étape 2: June 27-July 1 — North of France

    North of France from Dunkerque to Arenberg

    This week, cyclists are biking through the North of France. Between beaches, villages and big cities, like Lille, there are plenty of landscapes to discover!

    Day 1 – The typical house in the North of France [architecture]
    Day 2 – Are you ready for Carnaval in Dunkerque ? [culture/music]
    Day 3 – Gastronomy of the North [cuisine]
    Day 4 – A pinch of Paris in Lens : le Louvre-Lens [culture/museum]
    Day 5 – Discovering yoga on the Côte d’Opale and flying kites in Berck [sports]

  • Étape 3: July 5-8* — Binche, vive la Belgique !

    Binche, vive la Belgique !

    Belgium is a francophone country and will welcome une étape of Le Tour. Between comic strips and beautiful cities, how much do you know about this France’s nextdoor neighbor?

    Day 1 – Have you ever tried la gaufre de Liège ? [cuisine]
    Day 2 – Tintin and the Smurfs [culture/literature]
    Day 3 – Belgium: Home of the iguanodons [sciences/dinosaurs]
    Day 4 – Do it like René Magritte [culture/painting]

  • Étape 4: July 11-15 — Discover the East of France

    From Longwy to Dole, Discover the East of France

    Full of history and colors, the East of France has a lot of things to teach you. Mountains are starting to show and we will soon arrive in the Alps, so enjoy the ride.

    Day 1 – Discovering Reims and Strasbourg [architecture]
    Day 2 – The beauty of the Vosges [geography]
    Day 3 – Enter the castle — Alsace is full of châteaux forts ! [history]
    Day 4 – Katia Krafft’s volcanoes [sciences]
    Day 5 – Did you say Bredele ? [cuisine]

  • Étape 5: July 18-22 — Switzerland, la Suisse!

    Switzerland, la Suisse!

    Le Tour is stopping this week for an étape in Switzerland before heading into the Alps on the way back to France.

    Day 1 – En route to our chalet in the mountains [geography]
    Day 2 – FIAF and the Chocolate Factory [cuisine]
    Day 3 – Sports in Switzerland [sports]
    Day 4 – Discovering Lake Geneva [geography]
    Day 5 – Paint like Paul Klee ! [arts]

  • Étape 6: July 25-29 — The Wonderful Alps

    The Wonderful Alps

    We have now arrived in the Alps. From Albertville (location of the 1992 Winter Olympics) to Alpe d’Huez, all the popular ski stations will witness Le Tour de France.

    Day 1 – Discover Annecy, a medieval city full of flowers [geography]
    Day 2 – Skiing on the Mont-Blanc in winter, trekking in summer [sports]
    Day 3 – The blueberry pie, directly from the Alps ! [cuisine]
    Day 4 – Marmotte, chamois and co. [fauna]
    Day 5 – Renaud Capuçon’s violon [culture/music]

  • Étape 7: August 1-5 — South of France

    South of France, from Carcassonne to Cahors

    After the Alps, our cyclists are visiting the Pyrénées, the beautiful mountain range located in the South-West of France. Natural landscapes and medieval cities are all waiting for you!

    Day 1 – Elle descend de la montagne à cheval… [geography]
    Day 2 – Princes and Princesses of Carcassonne [history]
    Day 3 – Surfing on the Atlantic Ocean [sports]
    Day 4 – The delicious cannelés de Bordeaux [cuisine]
    Day 5 – From Rosa Bonheur to Maurice Ravel, art of all kinds [culture/painting/music]

  • Étape 8: August 8-12 — L’arrivée on the Champs-Elysées

    L’arrivée on the Champs-Elysées

    Our Tour de France is now coming to an end. This week, you’ll discover all the secrets of Paris, beholding the Tour Eiffel before a warm welcome on the Champs-Elysées.

    Day 1 – A day at the Château de Versailles [history]
    Day 2 – Paris-Plages near the Seine [culture]
    Day 3 – Discover the Eiffel Tower [architecture]
    Day 4 – Dancing at the Opéra Garnier [sports]
    Day 5 – Baking delicious tartelettes amandine [cuisine]

FIAF In-Person Class Guidelines (as of 9/7/2022): Masks are optional and proof of Covid-19 vaccination is no longer requried to attend a class or event at any FIAF location. Read more.