NJ French B1.1 – Intermediate B1 Level 1

Intermediate B1

Book: Cosmopolite 3, Units 1 and 2

Strengthen your communication skills and understand the main points of conversation with a native speaker.

Reinforce your communication skills and understanding of everyday French in our intermediate classes. At this level you will deepen your vocabulary and expand your capacity to have complex conversations. At the end of this level you will be able to handle most situations while traveling in a French-speaking country and to understand the main points of any conversation with a native French-speaker.

Through interactive and multimedia activities, texts, and course books you will learn to discuss your leisure time and how the weather affects your plans. Culturally, you will focus on different ways of learning and how to apply for a job in France. At the end of this class, you will be able to express an opinion, agreement and disagreement, all using more nuanced vocabulary.

The Intermediate B1 level consists of 4 classes: 301, 302, 303, and 304. Level 301 is the first level of this tier.