Summer Fun in French Camps for Kids (ages 5–10)

Celebrate French Around the World

June 15–August 21, 2020
1-week camps
Ages 5–6 • Mon-Fri, 9:30am–11am, $239/week
Ages 7–10 • Mon-Fri, 9:30am–12:30pm, $419/week

Kids embark on virtual adventures across continents to various French-speaking regions in one-week camps!

We have redesigned our summer programs to offer them online to meet your child’s needs during these unprecedented times. For 5-6 year olds, each day includes a 45-minute French class on Zoom paired with a 45-minute workshop featuring fun arts and crafts to do at home. For 7-10 year olds, each day begins with a 90-minute French class on Zoom that focuses on conversation, vocabulary, and grammar, followed by 60-minute workshop.

Through music, readings, arts & crafts, and games, they will travel through Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. They will learn how the Polynesian islands were formed by volcanic activity with a scientist; practice African dance on a visit to Senegal; listen and play jazz in New Orleans’ French Quarter; and learn to paint like the great French Impressionists who captured a modernizing Paris.

  • Week 1 & Week 2: Asia

    June 15–19 • June 22–26

    Featured Regions: India, China, and Cambodia

    Featured Guest: Author and illustrator Julien Beziat, and a yogi

    Featured Activities: Yoga, Calligraphy, Cooking Banana Nems

    Virtual Tour: Angkor and Taj Mahal

    Kids will embark on an exciting voyage, traveling to China and Japan. During these two weeks they will learn how to name clothes, colors, food items and how to express their tastes. They will learn about traditional Chinese instruments, visit a Zen garden, and discover the tea ceremony and Asian flavors. Activities will include yoga, crafting a kimono, theater and mimes, making fun and sweet sushi and rolls, and more! The illustrator Julien Beziat will also organize an illustration workshop about Japan (week 2).

  • Week 3 & Week 4: The Americas

    June 29–July 2 • July 6–10

    Featured Regions: New Orleans and the Caribbeans (Haiti, Martinique, and Guadeloupe)

    Featured Guest: A Jazz Musician

    Featured Activities: Carnival mask and Caribbean music

    Virtual Tour: Montreal; New Orleans French Quarter; Harlem in NYC

    Kids will pursue their journey and travel to the Americas! During these two weeks they will learn about tropical fruits, how to describe a house, and how to name and describe wild animals. They will discover how the Inuit people live, learn about their traditional sculptures, travel to a beautiful Caribbean beach, visit the Parc de Macaya, and a traditional Haitian market. Activities will include gymnastics, making delicious pancakes with Maple syrup, sculpting a bear, making a mask and more!

  • Week 5 & Week 6: Europe

    July 13–17 • July 20–24

    Featured Regions: France and Belgium

    Featured Guest: A Chef; A Dancer from the International Ballet Institute; An Athlete

    Featured Activities: Baking; Painting like the Impressionists; Ballet

    Virtual Tour: Giverny Gardens; Versailles; The Louvre; Hergé Museum in Brusselles

    Kids will be exploring Europe! During these two weeks, they will learn about Paris monuments, French arts and food, beautiful swiss mountains and celebrate le 14 juillet à la française! Activities will include baking, discovering, cheese and chocolate tastings, decorating a French rooster, practicing ballet with International Ballet of Brooklyn, create impressionist paintings and more!

  • Week 7 & Week 8: Africa

    July 27–31 • August 3–7

    Featured Regions: Egypt and Senegal

    Featured Guest: A Jumbé Musician

    Featured Activities: African dance; Magic mask;

    Virtual Tour: Quai Branly Museum; The Nile Valley

    Kids arrive in Africa! During these two weeks, they will learn about the majestic animals from the African Savanna, the ocean, the desert and transports. They will discover the African landscapes, tribal art, traditional dances and music. Activities will include calligraphy, African percussions, making masks, and baking chocolate roses des sables.

  • Week 9 & 10: Oceania

    August 10–14 • August 3–7

    Featured Regions: French Polynesia and New Caledonia

    Featured Guest: A Scientist; A Painter

    Featured Activities: Volcano Making; Environment Experiment

    Virtual Tour: Oceanian art at the British Museum; Jean Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center at Noumea

    Kids make a last stop in Oceania! During these two weeks, they will learn about the wonderful parks, volcanoes and animals of Polynesia and New Caledonia. They will discover kanak art, rituals and people, amazing aquarium des lagons, culture and Polynesia music and dance and fabulous markets. Activities will include baking Tahitian vanilla cake, practicing Tahitian dance, creating kanak hut and more!…

Open to all levels of French including complete beginners.
Specific groups available for native French speakers.

Activities and special guests change each week.
Sign up for both weeks of a theme to enjoy a fuller experience.
Sign up for all ten weeks for maximum fun and learning!

Programs subject to change.