Culture & Civilization – Intermediate B1

Location: In Person at FIAF Manhattan
Type: Culture & Literature
Level: Intermediate B1
10 weeks Sep 26–Dec 11

Dive deeper into French culture and way of life in classes at the Intermediate B1 level inspired by different themes and topics.

Culture shapes the way language is structured and the ways in which language is used. Expand your linguistic skills while exploring themes as diverse as pop culture, history, society, politics, philosophy, everyday life, and more. Using a variety of media—novels, films, documentaries, news articles, and more—you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into each topic.

This course is designed for the culture addict who would like to learn more about French and other Francophone cultures, as well as become more independent in speaking in French about more complex and challenging topics.

  • B1.CIV.L01 (Intermediate B1 / Advanced B2) - Sep 27-Dec 6 - Wed 10:15–11:45am - P.A.Gallet

    French Music (1930’s–Today)

    Is the only French singer you know Edith Piaf? Did you think “My Way” was an original song by Frank Sinatra? Do you think the accordion is the national instrument in France? Come discover the richness of French music and enrich your musical knowledge.

    In this course we will study all the musical movements and trends in France from the 30’s to the present day: from the music hall and cabaret years to the yéyé years, from French disco to the protest songs and even French rock and rap. We will explore the musical French touch that makes French songs a French cultural exception.

    Through the songs and musical movement, you will also have the opportunity to enrich your own knowledge of French culture and language.

Note About Class Formats: All classes for adults are held entirely in person at FIAF or entirely online on Zoom. Groups are not combined, that is, no HyFlex classes.