French C1.4 – Expert C1/C2 Level 4

Location: In Person at FIAF Manhattan
Type: General French
Level: Expert C1 C2
10 weeks: Jun 25–Sep 2

Book: Défi 5
Units: 7, 8

Master the French language and express yourself spontaneously with native speakers. At this level, you will fine-tune your skills by analyzing advanced texts with challenging vocabulary and practicing articulating in-depth thoughts.

In this class, you will learn about politeness (defending a point of view, exchanging on cultural codes) and you will discuss the links between belief and science.

Expert C1/C2 level consists of 6 sub-levels: C1.1, C1.2, C1.3, C1.4, C1.5, and C1.6
Level C1.4 is the fourth sub-level of the Expert C1 level.

This class is HyFlex
Hyflex gives you the flexibility to learn in person or online. In-person students can switch to attending class online at any time by requesting virtual access from their teacher. Watch the video.

Manhattan Safety Measures
Masks now optional inside FIAF Manhattan except in the Preschool and in à petits pas classes (ages 2–5). Students ages 18 and older attending classes in person at FIAF Manhattan are required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination on the first day of class. Vaccination requirement is only met when the vaccine shot (both shots for a two-dose vaccine) has been administered at least 14 days before the first class.