French C1.4 – Expert C1/C2 Level 4

Type: General French
Level: Expert C1 C2
10 weeks Jun 24–Sep 1

Book: Défi 5
Units: 7, 8

Master the French language and express yourself spontaneously with native speakers. At this level, you will fine-tune your skills by analyzing advanced texts with challenging vocabulary and practicing articulating in-depth thoughts.

In this class, you will learn about politeness (defending a point of view, exchanging on cultural codes) and you will discuss the links between belief and science.

Expert C1/C2 level consists of 6 sub-levels: C1.1, C1.2, C1.3, C1.4, C1.5, and C1.6
Level C1.4 is the fourth sub-level of the Expert C1 level.