Café Club – Expert C1/C2

Location: In Person at FIAF Manhattan
Type: Skill-Strengthening
Level: Expert C1 C2
5 weeks: Jun 25–Jul 29 • Jul 30–Sep 2

Led by a native French-speaking teacher, Café Club gives you a chance to speak French in a relaxed environment about a variety of informal topics such as French culture, life experiences, politics, or any other topic of interest to you and your classmates.

These courses do not require a textbook or homework and are perfect for lovers of French language and culture who wish to keep their skills sharp.

  • B2.CAFE.D01 (Level B2/C1/C2) - 11 Weeks - Tue 2pm-4pm - Apr 5–Jun 14 - S.Pezier

    Art & Culture

    Durant ces 11 semaines, nous explorerons les différents arts et cultures francophones à travers de grandes œuvres classiques, et de plus petits joyaux méconnus. Au programme, une classe par grand thème artistique : arts visuels (peinture, dessin, sculpture), architecture, littérature, musique, ou encore cinéma. Ces classes couvriront les œuvres historiques mais aussi les plus actuelles, à travers le monde. Le tout, en améliorant votre art de la conversation et de l’échange.

    Chaque étudiant participera activement à la classe et pourra renforcer sa culture francophone, son vocabulaire et sa confiance à l’oral.

This class is HyFlex

Hyflex gives you the flexibility to learn in person or online. In-person students can switch to attending class online at any time by requesting virtual access from their teacher. Watch the video.

Manhattan Safety Measures

Masks now optional inside FIAF Manhattan for all ages. Students ages 18 and older attending classes in person at FIAF Manhattan are required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination on the first day of class. Vaccination requirement is only met when the vaccine shot (both shots for a two-dose vaccine) has been administered at least 14 days before the first class.

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