Literature – Advanced Beginner A2

Type: Culture & Literature
Level: Advanced Beginner A2
10 weeks Jun 24–Sep 1

Read short French stories to learn new vocabulary and improve your grammar. Books and themes change each season!

Literature makes a major contribution to a nation’s cultural heritage and exposure to authentic written texts is one of the many ways foreign language learners can improve their language proficiency. In this course, discover French and Francophone literature through the analysis and discussion of major literary works, either focusing on one text or on a specific theme woven through a variety of texts. This course is designed for literature lovers who would like to learn about the history of literature, of French expression, and to become more independent in reading challenging texts in their original French language.

  • A2.LIT.D01 - Literature (Level A2) - 11 Weeks - Tue 10am–12pm - Apr 5–Jun 14 - I.Klehr

    Read and learn with famous French figures

    In this course, you will improve your French by reading 3 amusing short stories that each feature a different person from French history: Molière, Gustave Eiffel, and Marie Curie. You will build your vocabulary and improve your grammar through close-readings of these texts adapted for your level while learning about the lives of these historical figures. At the end of each book, we will work on your written French with a writing workshop.

    This class is for you if you want to improve your French through reading and learning about people who have made an impact not only in France but around the world.

    By the end of this class, you will have improved your knowledge of the French language and its culture and feel more confident in reading French texts.