Summer Immersion Classes for Teens

Location: In Person at FIAF Manhattan
Level: French as a Second Language, French for Native Speakers
Summer: Jun 17–Aug 9

Cadets : Grades 6–8 / Ages 11–14
Juniors : Grades 9–12 / Ages 14–17
1-week half-day classes: Mon-Fri, 9:45am-12:45pm, $399/week

Jumpstart your teen’s French learning with Summer Immersion Classes!

Our multidisciplinary approach encourages interactions in French with role playing everyday tasks to awaken teens’ interest and imaginations. FIAF’s Summer Immersion Classes focus on developing oral communication, including both listening comprehension and speaking skills. Teens will additionally build a solid foundation in reading and writing in French at a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level while learning strategies to become a more independent foreign language learner. The summer curriculum integrates preparation for the DELF JUNIOR exams.

  • Currently in grades 6-8? Check out Cadets Classes
  • Currently in grades 9-12? Check out Juniors Classes
  • Complete beginner in French ? Start with 1-week Beginner class
  • If you are not a beginner but you are new to FIAF, please submit a placement test to know which level to enroll in :

  • Cadets Levels (Ages 11-14)

    Beginner – Levels 101-104
    At this level, students will learn salutations and introductions, how to describe a person and members of their families, and talk about their city/neighborhood. They will be proficient in discussing their immediate environment, having a conversation about sports, and making vacation plans and how to have a conversation on the phone.

    Advanced Beginner – Levels 201-204
    Children at this level will learn how to express their needs and feelings, talk about food, describe their schedule and the personality traits of a person. They will be able to present an overview of their home, make a purchase, and talk about their eating habits. In grammar, they will study irregular verbs and their usage. They will also learn how to use the “passé compose” and “imparfait” tenses, as well as the future tenses.

    Intermediate – Levels 301-304
    Teens will learn how to express their opinions in numerous contexts such music, movies, food and sports. They will also express more complex feelings, describe personal goals and desires. In grammar, the program will cover the past tenses and “conditionel” tenses along with the imperative form and their usage. They will also learn idiomatic expressions, as well as refine their pronunciation, in order to be able to communicate and express more complex ideas and thoughts.

    Advanced – Levels 401-404
    Teens will learn how to organize their thoughts, express their opinion, and give structure to their oral and written speech. The topics they will cover are generation conflict, migrations, as well as social life, the arts, and the planet. They will also express more complex feelings, describe personal thoughts, and work on their persuasive writing and critical thinking skills. In grammar, the program will cover the passive, “plus-que-parfait”, and “conditionel” tenses (both present and past) along working on all the tenses previously studied.

  • Juniors Levels (Ages 14-17)

    Beginner – Levels 101-104
    Teens will learn how to greet someone, introduce themselves and others, describe a person, and express emotions. They will be able to talk proficiently about jobs, housing, and meals, and how to have a conversation over the phone in French and make vacation plans. In grammar, frequently used verbs and irregular verbs will be covered. The imperative form, the present tense, the future tense, the “passé composé” and “imparfait” past tenses, will be introduced along with reflexive verbs and their usage.

    Advanced Beginner – Levels 201-204
    Teens will be able to talk about someone’s physical traits and character, describe their interests and environment. Vocabulary relating to tourism, hobbies, health, transportation, nature, and city life will be studied. The future, recent past, and continuous present tenses will be covered. The conditional tense and difference between “imparfait” and “passé composé” past tenses will be learned, and the “subjonctif” form will also be taught.

    Intermediate – Levels 301-304
    Teens will learn to talk about the media, the environment, the world of work, and the arts. In grammar, the present and past conditional tense, as well as the “plus-que-parfait” will be taught, in addition to the imperative and gerundive. Teens will be able to give a critique, express a wish or a possibility, talk about positive and negative emotions and explain projects.

    Advanced – Levels 401-404
    Teens discover the worlds of yesterday, today and tomorrow: from media and culture (sciences, philosophy, history and geography) to the great achievements of our century (medical, technological, scientific…), teens get a panorama of what it means to be a true Francophone and Francophile. At this level, teens are able to express their opinion with fellow students and teachers, as well as debate and defend an argument. The curriculum allows a deep focus on the passé simple (passive voice), building hypotheses using “Si…” and some specific constructions in the passé composé.