Phonetics – Intermediate B1 / Advanced B2 / Expert C1/C2

Location: Online on Zoom
Type: Skill-Strengthening
Level: Intermediate B1, Advanced B2, Expert C1 C2
5 weeks Jun 22–Jul 26
5 weeks Jul 27–Aug 30

Practical Phonetics

In this class, we will take a practical approach to French phonetics through interactive dialogues.

This course will be useful to you if you have reached a high level of mastery of the language (vocabulary, grammar) but you find that you still struggle speaking and/or understanding French.

In this course:

  • we will learn to master the sounds, rhythms, voice inflections and music of the French language
  • we will improve your rhythm and pronunciation in a practical way through listening and repeating exercises
  • we will develop your ability to hear, observe, compare, imitate
  • we will put your knowledge into practice with short theatrical dialogues of modern and entertaining plays

At the end of this course:

  • you will be able to express yourself clearly and confidently, with less accent or mistakes in conversations
  • you will pronounce French in a more fluid way
  • you will better understand French audio documents

Note About Class Formats: All classes for adults are held entirely online on Zoom or entirely in person at FIAF. Groups are not combined, that is, no HyFlex classes.