Private Lessons – French (all levels)

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Enjoy the ultimate in flexibility with private French lessons with FIAF’s highly-trained, native-speaking teachers!

We offer personalized lessons for adults, kids (ages 7+), and teens at all levels of proficiency.

Lessons may be taken one-on-one or in small groups of 2 to 12.

Lessons are currently available online via Zoom, in-person at our FIAF Manhattan and FIAF Montclair locations, or offsite at your home or office (within Manhattan).

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We will contact you after reviewing your request and work with you to customize and schedule your classes.

  • Course Content

    Here are a few examples of the types of private lessons we offer:

    Regular Courses
    • General French (Beginner Level A1.1 to Expert level C1.6)
    • French Refresher
    • Skill-Strengthening (Phonetics, Conversation & Grammar, etc)

    Custom Courses
    Theme-based custom courses that are created to meet a student’s specific learning goal. Options include French Business Etiquette, French Diplomacy and International Relations, Legal French / Commercial Laws, French in French-speaking countries, French for Travel, French for Fashion, Essentials of French Culture, Intercultural Training, Translation, Exam Preparation including AP, SAT and Regents exams, French Arts & Culture, French Art de Vivre, and more.

    Contact us at to create a custom program just for you!

  • Extra Perks

    Private lesson students receive a complimentary one-year FIAF Individual Membership with free access to the Haskell Library, free admission to weekly CinéSalon film screenings & wine socials, discounts to FIAF’s cultural events, and much more. View benefits.

  • Recommended Hours

    General French courses are offered at the following levels Beginner A1 (A1.1 to A1.4), Advanced Beginner A2 (A2.1 to A2.4), Intermediate B1 (B1.1 to B1.4), Advanced B2 (B2.1 to B2.4) and Expert C1/C2 (C1.1 to C1.6).

    Students (ages 15 and over) can normally cover one sublevel of general French, for example Beginner A1.1, in 12-15 hours of private lessons. Similarly, younger students (ages 7-15) can normally cover one sublevel of French course for their age group in 8-10 hours of private lessons. Individual results vary.

    For custom French courses, we will estimate and recommend the number of hours required to cover the course content when you sign up.

  • Our Rates

    FIAF offers very affordable private French lessons for individuals and small groups. Prices vary depending on type of class and the number of students. A minimum of 5 hours of lessons must be purchased.

    Special rates available for packages of 15-29 and 30+ hours.

    View hourly rates & discounted packages.

  • Testimonials

    The major key to learning any language is immersion, but I can’t expect everybody I encounter in France (or any other francophone country I’ve visited, such as Canada and St. Martin), to correct my errors in normal conversation. This is why taking classes in a structured environment, where grammar is paramount, is so crucial. My decision to take private lessons accelerated my learning process and built my confidence. I have studied with at least five different instructors since starting in 2015, all with different personalities and teaching styles. I’m so grateful to be part of the FIAF family!
    — Spencer J

    “My wife and I began at FIAF as classmates in A2 level. The classes were excellent by patient teachers who taught and demonstrated phrases and words which helped us to speak, read, and enjoy French magazines, stories and films. We are now taking semi-private lessons and have achieved B1 status, speaking and writing more fluently and learning and practicing interesting conversations about art and literature. We are hoping to travel to Paris one day soon to practice our French and learn even more about French culture.”
    — Gail & Harvey H

    “L’expérience au FIAF m’a offert la littérature, les idées partagées, et surtout l’amitié. Comme une main simplement tendue pour traverser la distance entre deux langues, de l’anglais au français.”
    — Zorica T

    “I had a tremendous time studying at FIAF and consistently recommend your courses to anyone in NYC looking to learn French.”
    — Buck F

    “I’ve recently moved to Paris and being able to communicate at a basic level has been a huge help! Every day I appreciate FIAF’s quality of education.”
    — Elizabeth Y

    “I am extremely happy with my private classes. I have made significant progress since I started taking lessons last winter but I have a long way to go, so I am striving onward.”
    — Kate M