Summer Cultural Discoveries Club (ages 11–14)

June 15–August 7, 2020
1-week sessions
Mon–Fri, 1-4:30pm • $499 per week

Teens will discover the rich culture and history of Francophone countries around the world. They will gain a deeper appreciation of Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe through music and sports, walking tours, visits to museums, culinary excursions, and more!

Teens will laugh, play, explore, learn, and stay active as they visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, Little Senegal, United Nations, and other cultural spots around the city. They will enjoy workshops taught by New York City Football Club, French Cheese Board, and others.

  • Week 1 & Week 2: Philosophize, Perform, and Play in Asia

    June 15–19
    June 22–26

    Teens will trace the Silk Road in Asia and travel to the ancient cultures of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos to learn French through literature, music, art, sports, and Gastronomie.

    Activities include yoga and basketball from Laos, calligraphy, Asian music instruments, and visits to Chinatown and galleries in the Met Museum and Asia Society.

  • Week 3 & Week 4: Explore, Exchange, and Engage in the Americas

    June 29–July 2*
    July 6–10

    Teens will discover the French Caribbean, Louisiana, Haiti, and Canada by following the footsteps of great explorers, including Jacques Cartier and Christopher Columbus.

    They will improve their French through film and literature, Latin Music and Jazz, Haitian poetry, and field trips to the United Nations and the Studio Museum in Harlem.

    *No class on July 3. Price is pro-rated.

  • Week 5 & Week 6: Taste, Think, and Travel in Europe

    July 13–17
    July 20–24

    Teens will explore the richness and diversity of European history, art and gastronomy. Celebrating Bastille Day and other important holidays, they will learn French, Belgian, and Swiss traditions and folklore.

    They will enjoy a workshop at the French Cheese Board, visit MoMA, and explore the great museums of France via Micro-Folie, an interactive digital museum sponsored by the French government.

  • Week 7 & Week 8: Discover, Dance, and Draw in Africa

    July 29–31
    August 3–7

    Teens will experience Africa’s strong French background and learn the rich histories of Senegal, Nigera, Guinea, Cape Vert, and Morocco!

    On top of learning to make African cuisine and visiting art exhibitions, teens will tour Little Senegal, sing Congolese songs, learn to play indigenous instruments, and dance to African beats.

Programs subject to change.