Workshops (In Person): French Architecture in NYC — Intermediate B1 & higher

Type: Workshops
Level: Intermediate B1, Advanced B2, Expert C1 C2
Mon, from 2–4pm
Advanced B2 & up: August 2

The Hidden French Architecture in Midtown, Manhattan
Led by Svetlana Pézier

During this two hour guided tour, we will explore the multiple influences of French architects and architecture in Midtown, Manhattan. No need to be an architect or an urbanist! This workshop is for you if you are a curious flâneur of Manhattan’s streets, and look forward to learning a bit more about Midtown’s secret French architecture aspects, as well as some new vocabulary!

You will learn about the French side of New York’s history through various and various monuments such as Grand Central Terminal, 53W53 Tower, former Librairie de France, the United Nations and many more.

Workshop will be conducted outside, weather permitting. Social distancing and masks will be required.