Workshops: Explore Central Park in French — Intermediate B1 & higher

Type: Workshops
Level: Intermediate B1, Advanced B2, Expert C1 C2
May 2 • Jun 1

The Hidden Stories in Central Park
Led by Svetlana Pézier

Women’s Pioneer Monument, Central Park’s most famous dog, the Mall… Are you aware of Central Park’s design and original concept? Lung of the city, our beloved park is hiding a lot of secrets and gems. Through this walk, you will discover Central Park’s origins, its most recent modifications, and the ambition behind its fabulous conception.

This will be an opportunity to learn more vocabulary linked to the landscaping, architecture, nature and animals that make this park one of a kind.

Workshop will be conducted outside, weather permitting. Social distancing and masks will be required.

Mondays, from 2-4pm
B1 Intermediate:
May 2
B2 Advanced & up: June 1