Animated Documentary Shorts
from EMCA

Saturday, February 3, 2018
Recommended for mature audiences
FIAF Skyroom

Bring your lunch and join Serge Elissalde, filmmaker, producer and director of studies at EMCA (Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation) for an informal screening and conversation.

Serge Elissalde will present a selection of animated documentaries made by his students. He will discuss animation techniques and artistic choices, as well as the wide range of topics that animation is uniquely positioned to tackle. Elissalde will also present 5 Euros, his latest short. He will be assisted by Ariane Teillet, student at EMCA.

EMCA and CREADOC are both part of Pôle Image Magélis, Angoulême’s animation campus.

In French with English subtitles

5 Euros
Dir. Serge Elissalde

Dir. Cynthia Calvi and Tom Crebassa, 2015.

Hold His Tongue (Tenir sa langue)
Dir. Maeva Le Fouille, Marion Frappé,
and Anais Pinto Castaneda, 2017

A Needle For Sewing (Une aiguille pour coudre)
Dir. Brigitte Barin and Lose Weiss, 2017.

On Her Skin (Sur sa peau)
Dir. Anna louise Erambert, Laura Carton,
and Emmanuel Tornero

Female Wolves (Louves)
Dir. Kerian Samzun and Ingrid Boudin, 2016.

Listing (Liste)
Dir. Florian Graff and Pauline Tiprez, 2017.

A Difficult Love (Témoignage d’amour difficile)
Dir. Ariane Teillet, 2017.

At Dawn (A l’aube)
Dir. Lenaig Lemoigne and Julia Boutron, 2015.

Amour Amour (A tes amours)
Dir. Alexis Godard, Nan Wang, Jihua Zhu, and Rafael Raffort, 2015.

Analytical Residues (Des résidus analytiques)
Dir. Jon Boutin, 2017.