FIAF Young Audience Program
Iqbal, a Tale of a Fearless Child

Iqbal, l'enfant qui n'avait pas peur

Friday, February 2, 2018
School groups only. Grades 4–7.
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

Dir. Michel Fuzellier & Babak Payami, 2015, 90 min.
In French with English Subtitles.

Iqbal is a dreamer. A generous and smart boy with an innate sense of justice. His brother Aziz is sick, but his family is poor and they don’t have money for medicine. Iqbal has no doubts, he knows what he has to do: he has to find medicines for Aziz! At night, he secretly goes to the market in Mapuron on his bike to sell Rajah, his beloved goat. Naively, he falls victim of a cynical smuggler who recognizes Iqbal’s skills in weaving. The boy will find himself in the hands of a slave trader who forces him to work in his factory of carpets along with other children. But Iqbal is resourceful and brave and soon realizes he has to plan to escape with his new found friends.

Inspired by the true heroic story of the Pakistani boy Iqbal Masih, this poignant tale of children’s rights echoes UNICEF’s fight against child labor.

UNICEF France supports the film and uses it to advocate support in the fight against child labor, notably by raising awareness for the 168 million children still working around the world today. This film’s story is one of adventure focusing on the positive values of friendship and the desire of freedom.