Animated TV Series
Lastman: Episodes 1-6

Saturday, February 3, 2018
Mature Audiences
FIAF Skyroom

See one of the first animated TV series for adults produced in France. 

Paxtown is a capital under the influence of drugs and corruption. Here, trouble lurks at every corner. In this depraved metropolis, Richard Aldana grew up to be a cunning young man, without attachments or ambitions. In his spare time, he boxes. For Aldana, boxing is neither a sport nor a passion; it’s just a way to keep annoyances at bay. When his friend Dave is murdered Aldana becomes the protector of his friend’s orphaned daughter, Siri. Those who killed Siri’s father are now targeting her. They call themselves The Order of the Lion. They are a religious sect who believe Siri is the key to their “other world”. Aldana and Siri are drawn into a quest that overwhelms them, one in which the words “Valley of the King”—a mythological land of magic and demons—keep popping up.

This program features the first six episodes.

Dir. Jérémie Périn, 2016. Color. Digital.
In English