Galette des Rois Celebration

Special Rendez-Vous

Tuesday, January 8, 2019
FIAF Skyroom

Start le nouvel an the French way at a festive Galette des Rois party!

Literally the “Kings’ cake,” the galette des rois is a mouth-watering puff pastry confection with almond-flavored frangipane filling. Each cake contains a small, porcelain charm, or fève. Find the fève, and you’ll be crowned king or queen for the day!

A French tradition dating back to the middle ages, the galette des rois is served only during the month of January.

Don’t miss this special Rendez-Vous — mix and mingle while enjoying delicious galette des rois and Romilly cidres (rosé 2016, demi-sec 2016, brut 2015, doux 2015, and extra dry 2016).