Late Night Chills

Saturday, January 26, 2019
Mature Audiences
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

Highlights from Bordeaux

These spooky and enchanting French shorts have been selected by Les Nuits Magiques, an international animation festival based in Bordeaux and one of the oldest of its kind. The shorts, many of which were produced in Bordeaux, represent a collection of imaginative, gripping, and out-of-this-world work, expanding the science fiction and suspense genres in animation.

A l’intérieur (US Premiere)
Dir. Amélie Poirier, France, 2018. 4 min 1 sec. Color. DCP. In French with English subtitles.
Wedda, a young alien, is teleported by mistake to strange caves submerged every day by floods.

Fin de Loup (US Premiere)
Dir. Stéphanie Cadoret, France, 2010. 2 min 21 sec. B&W. Digital. Voice-overs.
This poetic film is based on distorted versions of the French riddle and proverb: “Let’s wander in the woods, while the wolf is away. If he was around, I would wolf him down.”

La nuit des sacs plastiques (US Premiere)
Dir. Gabriel Harel, France, 2018. 18 min 6 sec. B&W. Digital. In French with English subtitles.
Agathe, 39, has but one obsession: to have a child. She finds her ex, Marc-Antoine, a DJ, mixing techno in Marseille, but as she tries to rekindle their relationship, plastic bags come to life and attack the city.

Le jardin de minuit (US Premiere)
Dir. Benoît Chieux, France, 2018. 10 min 28 sec. Color. Digital. No dialogue.
A young couple plays in the forest under the moonlight. Their game leads them to an unfamiliar garden in the middle of a clearing. Unaware of danger, the young lovers enter the maze of the garden at midnight.

Mon Homme (Poulpe) (US Premiere)
Dir. Stéphanie Cadoret, France, 2016. 8 min 49 sec. Color. Digital. No dialogue.
A young woman comes back home. She gets undressed, puts on her swimsuit, and sinks into the underwater depths of her apartment. Overcome by baroque aquatic flora, her home has become the ecosystem of her spouse: an octopus.

Peripheria (NY Premiere)
Dir. David Coquard-Dassault, France, 2015. 12 min. Color. Digital. No dialogue.
A journey into the heart of a large and abandoned council estate, Peripheria portrays an urban environment evolving into a wild landscape: a modern Pompeii where the wind blows and dogs roam, tailing the remains of human life.

Saison Mutante (US Premiere)
Dir. Jimmy Audoin, Delphine Chauvet, France, 2009. 4 min 58 sec. Color. Digital. No dialogue.
A weird beast wanders alone in the universe. It will undergo an odd metamorphosis, causing the creation of a strange planet.

The Bolt Connection (NY Premiere)
Dir. Claire Cartier, Mathilde Dourdy, Maurine Lecerf, Shih-hui Pan, Nicolas Lebas, Thibault Grunenberger, France, 2018. 6 min 51 sec. Color. Digital. No dialogue.
After a robbery goes wrong, a frail robot ends up in possession of booty he should never have had, a human heart.

Dir. Roxane Campoy, Pauline Ledu, Myriam Belkheyar, Gwenaëlle Bavoux, France, 2017. 6 min 45 sec. Color. Digital. In English with subtitles.
A long time ago, the most terrible emperor China ever knew ordered the making of a portrait that would celebrate his deadly reign.