Art in NJ
Emmanuel Brasseur
Page d’un livre

January 18–March 14, 2019
FIAF Montclair

FIAF Montclair presents Page d’un livre, a new exhibition by New Jersey-based French Canadian multidisciplinary artist Emmanuel Brasseur.

Emmanuel Brasseur has devoted himself to visual art in all of its forms including painting, drawings, collage, and photography. He combines this passion for visual art with a freedom of execution that ignores conventions. His art is most connected to the Neo-Pop movement. In his works, comics, cinema, and toys of all kinds will find themselves entangled in a world of references. The presence of art history is felt in his work through visible references to his artistic influences.

Brasseur questions the way our culture influences our choices, actions, and travels. He creates powerful images where each element superimposes on the previous one, partially camouflaging it, as if to emphasize how past constructs influence the ones that follow.