Performance + Q&A
The Nature of Forgetting

By Guillaume Pigé & Theatre Re

Thursday, March 28, 2019
& Friday, March 29, 2019
Grades 5 & up • In English • 75 mins

Part of TILT Kids Festival 2019

Flying downhill on a bicycle. Whispering with a sweetheart. Wedding toasts and first dances. When the past begins to dissolve for Tom, a father experiencing early onset dementia, happy childhood moments collide with momentous adult milestones in tangled threads of memory.

Through intricate choreography and a cinematic live musical score, London-based Theatre Re creates a compellingly powerful narrative of heartwarming humanity that moves you to places where words cannot.

At the intersection of art and science, Theatre Re and director Guillaume Pigé collaborated with British neuroscientist Kate Jeffery to examine the fragility of life in a captivating style embracing mime, theater, and live music.

Performance will be followed by a Q&A with the cast.

Cast & Creative Team
Guillaume Pigé (Director/Tom)
Chris Jones (Percussionist/Schoolboy)
Eygló Belafonte (Emma/Mrs Denis)
Alex Judd (Composer/Multi-instrumentalist/Teacher)
Louise Wilcox (Isabella/Sophie)
Matthew Austin (Mike)
Malik Ibheis (Costume & Prop Designer)
Katherine Graham (Lighting Designer)
A.C. Smith (Scriptwriter & Songwriter)

Presented by The New Victory Theater with the support of TILT Kids Festival.