Art in NJ
Gwenn Seemel
Crime Against Nature

April 12–May 9, 2019
FIAF Montclair

FIAF Montclair presents Crime Against Nature, a new exhibition by artist Gwenn Seemel.

Crime Against Nature is a series of wildlife paintings that explore the idea of what “natural and normal” means. Artist Gwenn Seemel delves into gender expression, sex, reproduction, and child-rearing in nature to understand what is truly “natural” and what are social and cultural standards defined and imposed by society. Crime Against Nature is meant for the kid in all of us: the person who hasn’t yet felt the pressure to conform, the one who still sees the infinite possibilities of being. Learn more here.

Gwenn Liberty Seemel is named after the Liberty Bell, a cracked ding-dong with a venerable history. For fifteen years, Gwenn has made her living as an independent artist. Her work focuses on questions of identity and belonging, often expressed through portraiture, and it has been featured on Scientific American, Tech Dirt, BoingBoing, Hyperallergic, and Bust. Gwenn speaks regularly about creativity and culture, both locally and internationally—most notably at TEDxGeneva in 2014. Born in Saudi Arabia in 1981, Gwenn has lived most of her life in France and in the US. She claims Portland, Oregon as her hometown, and she currently lives on Long Beach Island in New Jersey.

Meet the artist and enjoy a glass of wine at the opening reception on Friday, April 12, from 6-7pm. After the reception, join us at Rendez-Vous from 7-9pm for wine and conversation en français.