Raising Colors


Tuesday, June 11, 2019
4pm & 7:30pm
Followed by a wine and beer reception
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

Introduced at 7:30pm by Anne-Katrin Titze, film journalist and lecturer

Dir. Hélène Fillières 2018, 101 min.
With Lambert Wilson, Diane Rouxel, Corentin Fila, Alex Descas
In French with English subtitles

Tired of being a student, well-bred and highly-educated Laure Baer stuns her family by joining the Navy and attempting to be the first woman to enroll in a special ops training course. Assigned to the Naval Academy, 23-year-old Laure finds herself in a game of cat and mouse with her ice-cold commanding officer. As their face-off becomes dangerously intense, she goes to extreme lengths to prove herself to him… and to herself.

Featuring a powerhouse cast of actors led by Diane Rouxel, Raising Colors is a masterfully directed tale of a woman coming into herself in a male-dominated environment.

“Hélène Fillières explores the world of the navy with tact.” — Le Figaro

“Volontaire is the story of a blossoming, which Hélène Fillières stages it difficult and complex: perfect reflection of the world of today. A beautifully and firmly feminist film.” — Télérama

  • About the Presenter
    • Anne-Katrin Titze is a film journalist and lecturer. She curates and moderates talks with filmmakers and panel discussions at Universities and cultural venues. Read her recent conversation with Hélène Fillières about Raising Colors / Volontaire here. Discover more interviews by Ms. Titze at Eye For Film.