All Fired Up

Tout feu tout flamme

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

Dir. Jean-Paul Rappenau, 1982, 108 min, 35mm
With Isabelle Adjani, Yves Montand, Lauren Hutton, and Alain Souchon
In French with English subtitles

While Adjani earned her iconic status with emotionally raw performances of a rare intensity, this delightful romp reveals she is equally at home with comedy. In All Fired Up, she plays Pauline Valance, an uptight, brilliant political aide whose life is turned upside down when her charming con man of a father (an irresistible Yves Montand) resurfaces in Paris after bankrupting a casino in the Bahamas.

As Pauline swings into damage control mode with suspicious characters in hot pursuit, this fast-paced, fizzy comedy adventure revives the memory of screwball comedies with a gallery of lovable eccentrics and sidesplitting set pieces.