Warriors for Peace

Les guerrières de la paix

FIGRA Special Mention & Aïna Roger ESJ Lille Prize
Saturday, October 26, 2019
Post-screening Q&A with director Hanna Assouline

Dir. Hanna Assouline and Jessica Bertaux, 2018, 55 min. Color.
In Arabic with English subtitles

Tensions between Israel and Palestine escalated during the summer of 2014, following the murders of three Jewish and one Arab teenagers. As Israeli airstrikes on Gaza reverberated across the region, a group of Palestinian and Israeli women started an informal movement: Women Wage Peace. Exasperated by the ceaseless conflict that has ravaged their communities, these women coalesced around a simple but audacious goal: to bring their respective leaders to a negotiating table. Women Wage Peace is now comprised of tens of thousands of women, from all political and religious backgrounds. Together, they march to demand peace. Warriors for Peace documents their unflinching optimism and determination toward a peaceful resolution.