Feature Film
The Prince’s Voyage

Le Voyage du Prince
Introduced by director Jean-François Laguionie

Saturday, February 8, 2020
Ages 7 and up
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

Dir. Jean-François Laguionie & Xavier Picard, 2019, 77 min
In French with English subtitles

When an old monkey Prince washes up on a foreign shore, weakened and confused, he finds shelter and care from a young boy named Tom and his parents. The old Prince also discovers a fascinating new world where scientific knowledge is valued above all, and the Academy of Science rules with absolute convictions. However, the Prince’s arrival at once threatens this strict society, and also opens a door towards acceptance and open-mindedness.

A follow up to Laguionie’s A Monkey’s Tale, this beautifully hand-drawn film with nods to classic films, enchants children and adults with its philosophical themes and sumptuous images.

Made in Paris and Angoulême