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Dir. Nicolas Saada, 2009, 99 min.
With Guillaume Canet, Géraldine Pailhas, Stephen Rea
In French and English with English subtitles

Guillaume Canet is Vincent, a baggage handler at an airport and petty thief who steals from suitcases along with his colleague Gérard. One day a piece of luggage belonging to a Syrian diplomat explodes, killing Gérard. The secret service offers Vincent a deal—he can avoid prison, but only if he collaborates with French and British secret services to find the man who planted the explosives. The investigation brings Vincent to London where he meets Peter Burton (Stephen Rea), a British businessman who may have ties to the Syrian secret services. To uncover his motives Vincent must seduce Burton’s French wife Claire (Géraldine Pailhas) and force her to collaborate.