Free Virtual Talk
Climate Change & COVID-19:
Conversation with Cyril Dion and Luc Hardy

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Friday, May 22, 2020
5pm ET
In English

Join us for a special virtual conversation with Cyril Dion, one of the leading figures advocating for climate change action in France today, and Luc Hardy, a French-American explorer, environmental advocate, and Arctic specialist.

Dion co-directed the Cesar-award winning documentary Tomorrow, and, in 2019, was appointed by President Emmanuel Macron to help oversee the Citizens’ Convention for Ecological Transition.

Hardy founded Pax Arctica and has spent the last two decades advocating for climate change awareness through his award-winning film and photography projects, public advocacy and expedition leadership, and prolific writing. Hardy has produced several documentaries including The Pursuit of Endurance (2015) and Arktika Incognita (2018), as well as the forthcoming fiction/documentary The Seacrets (2020).

These artist-activists will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping environmental practices in agriculture, economy, and governance. Maintaining an optimistic outlook towards curbing climate change, they will identify concrete solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.

In English
Duration: 40 minutes with Q&A

Watch the Recorded Talk

Film by Cyril Dion


Without question, this is absolutely the best and most creative film on the future of humanity and the environment”. — Paul Hawken

Cyril Dion wrote and co-directed with Mélanie Laurent this 2015 award-winning documentary.

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Films by Luc Hardy

Arktika Incognita
At the Edge of Light
The Pursuit of Endurance – On the Shoulders of Shackleton

Learn more about Hardy’s activism and artwork at

Cyril Dion

Cyril Dion is an actor, director, writer, and environmental activist, who founded the ecological movement Colibris (French for hummingbird) in 2007.

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    • His first foray in the film industry came in 2010 as an advisor and co-producer with Colibris on Coline Serreau’s film Think Global Act Local. He later wrote and co-directed with Mélanie Laurent the Cesar-award winning documentary, Tomorrow (2015), which has been released to great acclaim in more than 30 countries to date.

      Following this success, French Public Television (France 2) commissioned a sequel documentary After Tomorrow (Après-Demain), co-directed with journalist Laure Noualhat which was broadcast in 2018, the same year Dion published his bestselling Petit manuel de résistance contemporaine (A Small Manual Of Contemporary Resistance). In both he develops the thesis that stories play a preponderant role in the evolution of society.

      Dion has been a central speaker and activist for L’Affaire du Siècle, an action launched by Greenpeace, Oxfam France, la Fondation Nicolas Hulot, and Notre affaire à tous to sue the French State for not acting on climate change. In 2019, President Emmanuel Macron appointed him to the Guarantors College of the country’s Citizens’ Convention For Ecological Transition.

      He is currently working on the film Animal, with the participation of celebrated primatologist Jane Goodall, to be released in 2021.

Luc Hardy

Luc Hardy is a French-American entrepreneur, angel investor, author, photographer, film producer, explorer, adventurer, and environmental advocate.

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    • A member of the Explorers Club of New York and the Société des Explorateurs Français and a fellow of The Royal Geographic Society, he founded and supports his own environmental organization, Pax Arctica, an initiative created to promote awareness of the threats facing the Arctic, polar regions, and oceans,

      Hardy has led several expeditions for members of the scientific community as well as youth ambassadors to regions including the North Pole, Greenland, Antarctica, Himalayas, Curacao, Cuba, and Africa, among others to witness the dramatic changes occurring in these regions.

      He is the author of several books: Antarctic Adventure, Greenland Impressions, Arctic Transitions and The Pursuit of Endurance – On the Shoulders of Shackleton.

      Through his media company Sagax Entertainment, Hardy has produced the documentaries The Pursuit of Endurance (2015) and Arktika Incognita (2018), as well as the forthcoming fiction/documentary The Seacrets. He is also a co-producer of The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir , All That Divides Us (2017) and Jonathan Nossiter’s The Last Words.