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Dir. Léa Mysius, 2017, 105 min.
With Noée Abita, Juan Cano, Laure Calamy
In French and Spanish with English subtitles

Official Competition, Cannes International Critics’ Week, 2017 Cannes International Film Festival

Nomination, Best Supporting Actress for Laure Calamy, 2018 Cesar Awards

The 13-year-old Ava (Noée Abita) learns that she will lose her sight earlier than predicted while on a seaside vacation with her mother (Laure Calamy). Ava decides to spend the summer months living life to the fullest—a season rendered in director Léa Mysius’s thrilling and surreal mise-en-scène.

“Mysius’ startlingly assured, exquisitely shot “Ava” is a film that doesn’t simply explore the textural possibilities of 35mm film for the hell of it, it makes thematic use of them, to stunning, evocative effect.”—Variety