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US Premiere

Sunday, October 3—Sunday, October 10, 2021
Online on Eventive

Dir. Mary-Noël Niba, 2019, France. 77 min. Color
In French and Pidjin with English subtitles, English

After several deeply disillusioning years spent in Europe, Stéphane, Léo, Cheikh, and Boye Gaye have returned to their home countries in Africa, where they are perceived as failures and face tremendous difficulties in readapting. The only comrade who stayed in France, Guy Roméo, is living in Marseille, hoping to see his dream of becoming a well-known artist come true before he returns to his native Cameroon.

In this documentary film, director Mary-Noël Niba paints a sobering and poignant picture of the reality facing migrants who hope to build a better future for themselves and their families.

Mary-Noël Niba

Mary-Noël Niba was born in Cameroon and studied cinema at ESRA (Paris). Recruited by Cameroon Radio Television in 1992, she began her career as a producer of news programs.

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    • Consultant in charge of the Maison des Savoirs project at the International Francophonie Organization, she is presently head of public relations for the Embassy of Cameroon in Paris. As an independent filmmaker and producer, she is the founder of Luman Communications, a production and distribution company headquartered in Yaoundé. Her numerous creative projects include the documentaries Bamenda City, Le dos de la veuve, and Yannick ou le pied de l’espoir; the feature film Claire ou l’enfant de l’amour; and the radio dramas L’Héritier de Mellan and Zéro Ballon.