Young Audience Program
Dog Show #1: The Dinner Party

Virtual Exhibition Tour, Art Workshop, and Q&A with Stephen Morrison

Available Online on Demand
Recorded on October 6, 2021
In English • 60 min

School Groups Only • Grades 2–7

FIAF is delighted to offer school groups the opportunity to watch on demand the Young Audience event presented this fall with artist Stephen Morrison. The recorded video includes a virtual tour of Morrison’s first solo exhibition Dog Show #1: The Dinner Party, a hands-on arts and crafts workshop led by the artist, and a behind-the-scenes Q&A.

Committed to creating long-lasting experiences for students, in addition to the video, FIAF will provide educators with a free study guide with detailed content about the exhibition as well as recommended pre- and post-event activities.

About the Exhibition

Stephen Morrison, a longtime lover of dogs, had an epiphany two years ago while working on a painted portrait of his childhood pet. He realized he could use dogs as a motif to convey the human condition and arrive at more universal emotions than with people. He began creating nothing but art with dogs and has used the culmination of these years to build the installation Dog Show #1: The Dinner Party.

On view at The Invisible Dog Art Center from September 4–October 10, 2021, Dog Show #1: The Dinner Party featured 16 life-sized humanoid dogs that revel, sleep, and misbehave at an elegant yet excessive feast. Special editions of his extremely successful paintings and food sculptures were seamlessly integrated into the immersive environment. Never has it been truer that people have an unexpressed animal side, desperate for release. We’ve been confined for too long.

About the Workshop

Stephen Morrison loves dogs, so much that he made his passion the subject of his art practice. In his Brooklyn studio, Morrison gives everything a dog twist—objects, food, paintings, books—bringing to life everyday objects and making them le meilleur ami de l’homme (“Man’s best friend”). The artist is delighted to share his artistic universe and practice with students.

Over the course of the 60-minute interactive and fun workshop, Morrison teaches students how to make a cute apple-dog, and to transform anything they want into a dog.

About Stephen Morrison

Stephen Morrison was born in Maine in 1991. He earned his BFA from the Laguna College of Art and attended Yale Norfolk and the New York Studio Residency Program. His work has been exhibited in numerous group shows, most recently at Eve Leibe Gallery curated by Lauren Powell, Ethan Cohen Gallery, The Museum of the Dog, and the Re:Art Show curated by Peter Clough. This is his first solo exhibition.

Instagram: @dogsihavepainted