Online Exhibition
Augmented Reality

Friday, February 5–Monday, February 15, 2021

Discover hidden messages in the midst of everyday life with augmented reality projects that use smartphone technology to unlock the secret images.

Programmed by Emma Buttin, New Media Officer at the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France in the United States.

Student AR Projects from EMCA

Continuing Animation First’s longstanding relationship with the Angoulême-based École des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (EMCA), one of the top animation schools in France, the Festival presents a selection of fourth-year student projects.

Each of the 16 works—featured in the slideshow above—is a three-panel comic strip containing a hidden scenario. With the help of augmented reality app Artivive, animations accompanied by soundtracks will reveal themselves.

Install the Artivive app on your smartphone: Google App | iOS App

Use the app on each of the artworks in the slideshow above to reveal its secrets.

Acqua Alta - Crossing the mirror

Created by Adrien M & Claire B,  Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirror is a pop-up book whose drawings and paper volumes are the décor of a story, only visible in augmented reality. View the first drawing here and animate it using the app. Learn more about the book here. Acqua Alta is also a visual theater performance that blends movement and living digital images. Watch it here.

Download the free app on Android or iOS

My Own Assistant (MOA)

Based on Alain Damasio’s 2019 novel Les Furtifs (The Stealthies), My Own Assistant (MOA) transforms our reality to the 2040 of the author’s imagination. Produced by Red Corner.

Download the free app on Android or iOS


Money, from bills to coins, has no intrinsic value beyond what we’ve collectively agreed to grant it. However, there’s no denying that money governs our lives. This series of animated documentary shorts in AR for smartphones, tablets and social media platforms, explores that relationship. Presented for the 1st time at Sundance 2021, Fortune! Was produced by Arte and Atlas V.

Download the free app on Android or iOS

LIVE Talk: AR — How To Create A Fictional Reality?

Thursday, February 11 at 1pm ET

Organized by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, this 30-minute discussion will feature Adrien M and Claire B, the artists of Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirror, and Marie Blondiaux, producer of My Own Assistant.

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